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Meeters is the new way. A new way to work, using pure joy as fuel. Every day we help build meaningful relationships into the beauty that surrounds us.

We build ‘analogical’ connections with ‘digital’ tools in a ‘Human-to-Human’ context. Or better we work to match the right people in the right place. The best locations in every country, starting with the ones under your nose, those you didn’t notice. We did, in our search for three simple characteristics: beauty, uniqueness and fun.

We serve more than 30k members in our Meeters community, curating tour offers and hangouts, introducing our customers into lots of experiences with hundreds of certified guides.

High performance takes high commitment

We are detail freaks.

A dynamic team, mostly in their 30s, enthusiasts for what we’re doing. We care about Meeters as much as we care about our colleagues. We watch each other’s back, lend a hand, working remote or at the office, always learning step by step.

Inclusion is our commitment. Diversity is our richness. Loyalty is our currency.

Our focus is in the italian market, but we are going global. So, if you speak English and you want to meet new people and discover tons of amazing places, you’re welcome to join us.

What’s your first step forward?

Are you willing to learn along the way? If you have the following skills, we’re ready to trust in you!

- You are a proactive person, willing to put at the centre of your work your customers and the community;

- You have that detail freak thing. We’re very committed to details: we aim to provide our customers the best experience ever possible. Little as it can be, we wish for them a life-changing connection with people and places;

- You’re ready to get involved! You must be good in teams, because we win together, but we never lose: we just learn.

- You have your backpack ready. We might work remotely, but we’ll see each other in person as often as we can. Because we like real people, and we’re pretty good at hangouts. It’s basically what we do for a living.

- You’re independent, though, because teamwork is not a form of addiction or submission, it’s working together for a higher purpose.

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